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Stephan HederichAfter wandering through the world for many years, Stephan is living on his Organic Farm near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The idea of visiting in Nova Scotia (and later living here) first developed by running across the exhibition catalogue of “From New York to Nova Scotia” by Robert Frank. And also that he wanted to visit a city with the funny name “Halifax”. Stephan developed a social awareness from an early age and was involved in various political activities until he started photography school in Berlin in 1989. After finishing school in 1991 he was working for numerous important architectural and industrial companies in Germany. During this period he also conducted personal projects documenting living situations affected by social injustice and societies undergoing political and economic changes. At the beginning of the new millennium, he temporarily stepped away from photography to live the change he wanted to see by establishing Green Dragon Organic Farm. After seven years he returned to photography and picked up again his previous interest in documenting and showing societies under threat of change in his Canadian home province of Nova Scotia and in other parts of the World.

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Professional Qualifications and Artistic Achievements


Cuba. ‘A journey without agenda’. 4 weeks/one camera/one lens. A photo book from this is in publication (Blurb: December 2013)


Portraits of family farmers ‘The Vanishing Breed’, which was part of a show in Tatamagouche in 2009

Production Grant from Arts Nova Scotia to complete the series of ‘The Vanishing Breed’ in 2010

Since 2007

Photographic and text portraits of artisans at work in traditional trades, such as gold-leafing, flute-making, maple syrup production, NS fishery and family farming


Thailand: a photographic documentation of the Canadian youth delegation to the 3rd ‘Gross National Happiness Conference’ in Nong Khai and Bangkok, GPI Youth/Halifax, NS

Since 2000

Founded and still operating “Green Dragon Organic Farm and B&B” in Tatamagouche, NS, Canada


Vietnam: a photographic diary of a journey

A photographic documentary of the social impacts of surface mining in Garzweiler and Cottbus/Germany and Northern Arizona /USA (Navajo reservation). This documentary was conducted in cooperation with ‘INFOE Cologne’ (Institute for Ecology and Applied Anthropology) funded by ‘Ökofond NRW’ (Ecofund Foundation)

1991 – 2000

Worked for several large German companies, architecture, industry and culture

1989 -1991

College for Photography, Fashion and Design ‘Lette-Verein’, Berlin/Germany

List of exhibitions

2013 August 2 – August 14

Tatamagouche, Fraser Cultural Centre

“The Havana Club”

photography from Cuba

2012 March 30 – April 27

Tatamagouche, Fables

“façade derelict”

images that I produced during my participation in the Magnum workshop at the Contact Photo Festival in Toronto

2011 April 28 – May 27

Tatamagouche, Fables

“The Image Was Calling Me”

a recent series of images on hands and samples of 30 years of photography

2009 Sept 5 –Sept 22

Tatamagouche, Fraser Cultural Centre

“One, two, and maybe one or two more: local photography by myself and two other photographers from away”

1997 Jun 19 - Aug 17

Cologne, Germany: Museum Zündorfer Wehrturm, a branch of the Museum of the City of Cologne

“miss Sai Gon”

photo diary of my journey to Vietnam

1996 Oct 28 – Nov 3

Cologne, Alte Feuerwache Köln,

“Big Mountain”

photography collection profiling landscape changes caused by surface mining

1995 Apr 28 – May 5

Cologne, Galerie im Rathaus Porz

“An sich, Ansichten, Ansehen!”

photography from my Berlin years


Berlin, Bürgerzentum Wedding

Zebras - Body as Landscape